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Lions Go Digital: The Internet’s transformative potential in Africa – A Report by McKinsey Global Institute

African major cities embracing the internet. Source: Mckinsey Report

African major cities embracing the internet. Source: Mckinsey Report

McKinsey Global Institute published a report in November 2013 that highlights Africa’s internet opportunity. This report offers some great insights into Africa’s changing economic landscape and how the internet is contributing to the growth of African economies. In this report the authors introduce iGDP a measurement of the Internet’s contribution to overall GDP.
The Internet’s contribution to Africa’s overall GDP. Source: Mckinsey Report

The Internet’s contribution to Africa’s overall GDP. Source: Mckinsey Report

According to this report Africa’s iGDP is 1.1 percent which is half of what other emerging economies register while Internet penetration hovers at 16 percent across the continent as a whole. The report goes further to look at internet penetration in rural and urban areas.

Other Notable Statistics found in this Report on internet in Africa today
Africa has;
-16% internet penetration
-167 Million internet users
-67 Million Smartphones
-Over 50% of Urban residents are online
-51.6 Million Facebook Users and
-$ 18 Billion internet contribution to GDP

The report is highly recommended because it provides statistics which can be used in the cyber-security debate plus it highlights the opportunity of internet connectivity.

Download the executive summary and the full report here;

Source: Mckinsey website


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Definition of Cybersecurity and Terms Associated with it

The African Union Convention on the Confidence and Security in Cyberspace uses some terms that are really technical. In fact part 1 of the convention deals with definition of terms used in the convention. However, to fully grasp the intended objectives of this convention one needs to delve into the vices it seeks to wipe out of the African continent.

First things first the definition of Cybersecurity;

This refers to the technologies and processes designed to protect computers, networks and data from unauthorized access, vulnerabilities and attacks delivered via the Internet by cyber criminals.

Cybersecurity is what this convention intends to achieve however, in the process of doing so it has interfered with some fundamental rights and freedoms hence the reason we are having this petition.
Cyber crime and its different manifestations

Cyber crime Continue reading

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