AUCC Timeline’s: Presentation made by Mr. Auguste Yankey of AU’s Information Society Division in Yaounde, Cameroon

The above presentation by Mr. Auguste Yankey of African Union’s Information Society Division made in Yaounde, Cameroon sheds some light on the process and timelines adopted by the African Union and United Nations Economic Community for Africa in adopting to eventual endorsement of the AUCC.

Key Timelines
1. The Oliver Thambo Declaration – Johannesburg, South Africa in November 2009 [Adoption of the Resolution]
2. The 14th AU Summit of Heads of State and Government declaration on ICT in Africa – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. February 2010 [Endorsement of the Resolution]
3. The Abuja Declaration, CITMC-3 – Abuja, Nigeria. August 2010 [Confirmation of this resolution]
4. The Khartoum Declaration – Khartoum, Sudan. September 2012 [Endorsement of the Final AU draft Convention]


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