Review of Uchenna Jerome Orji’s Journal Piece: A discourse on the perceived defects of the draft African Union Convention on the establishment of a credible legal framework for Cybersecurity

The draft African Union Convention on the Confidence and Security in Cyberspace has come under criticism from many quotas. Jerome Orji was amongst the first to express his reservations in this draft legislation.

‘Although the draft Convention represents a landmark and holistic attempt to promote Cybersecurity in Africa, it is however not without some defects.’ – Uchenna Jerome Orji

In this journal article penned in November 2012 Jerome identifies three main shortcomings of this draft legislation.

1. The absence of a model legal framework
2. Mutual legal assistance and the requirement for dual criminality
3. The absence of a Regional African Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) or a Network Security Agency

Source: The Journal of Computer, Media and Telecommunications Law. Volume 17, Number 4, 2012


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